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Housing projects in Sri Lanka by India

15 November 2011

Assistance with housing has been an important part of support for resettlement in the North provided by India to the government of Sri Lanka. This took many forms, beginning with they supply during early resettlement of four consignments of Galvanized Corrugated Iron Sheets used for creating shelter for IDPs. A total of over one million sheets were supplied between August 2009 and May 2011, helping build temporary shelter for about 65,000 families.  The project cost $11.78 million.



400,000 cement bags (about 20,000 MT) were also supplied to resettling families in 2010. The project cost $1.8 million and cement was procured through UltraTech Cement, an Indian supplier in Sri Lanka.


Construction and repair of damaged houses is one of the major projects proposed by the Government of India in the next phase. 50,000 houses are proposed to be built in Northern and Eastern Provinces and also Upcountry areas. This is a fully grant-funded project, and estimated cost is $300-400 million. Groundbreaking for a pilot project of 1000 houses was done on 27.11.2010 with the assistance of the  Government of Sri Lanka.


These projects are based on the development philosophy of India which is focused on socio-cultural empathy and a consultative and responsive model of cooperation.




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