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Full Text of the Speech made by a participant at the Workshop on Entrepreneurship arranged for ex-cadres in the Rehabiitation programme

( Created date: 21-Jan-2011 )

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

Ø  The training conducted by BCS has changed us a lot as we are undergoing rehabilitation.

Ø  When we were called in for the interview, we were pessimistic that this too will be like the previous training programs, which we have undergone.

Ø  When we got selected and completed the first day in class we were optimistic that this is something new and useful for us.

Ø  Our training programme called EDT (Entrepreneur Development Training) has taught us very hard things in simple ways.   Through games, visuals, experiences and practicals.

Ø  This made everyone understandable, each and every minute was useful to us.

Ø  Though this is a seven days programme, we worked till midnight.  We think this as a 14 days programme.

Ø  Previously we didn’t have any knowledge on running a business.  After the training we believe that we have necessary knowledge on production, marketing, management, strategies and techniques.

Ø  If not now, some other day we are confident we will be able to run a successful business outside using the lessons learnt here.

Ø  Cause for the change in us are the trainers who have contributed  their precious time and knowledge shaping us up.

Ø  We are always thankful to the ladies and gentlemen who have come here  open heartedly in between their busy schedules. Dr Sarath Buddhadasa,  Madam Wanduragala, Dr Rohana Kuruppu, Prof and Member of Parliament Rajiva Wijesinha, , Mr Ariyadasa, Ms Subani, Mr Shakthi and Mr Mohammed.

Thank you everyone for giving us this wonderful opportunity.



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